Saturday, April 4, 2015

Hot Cross Buns

Hot Cross Buns
It doesn't seem like Lent any more when we celebrate with a bfast like this.
But we are almost there.
The kids did a great job this year and it helped me!!
They didn't eat sugar even on their oatmeal, so after Lent that is all Isabelle wanted for bfast
...just so she could have sugar...
it felt like a true celebration now having sugar on our oatmeal again!
 Hannah was really savoring the "sweetness" of her cross!
Before they went in the oven...Isabelle has become my little bread maker
LOVE the help and company !

 Dying eggs was actually last night....
Dad could not pick just ONE favorite.

Monday, March 30, 2015

Happy Birthday Louis!

For a little boy...who couldn't wait for his birthday to arrive!!!
It was finally here. You kept saying "nine birthday after Drews". You would tell me about your cake, about your presents and that you were going to be a big boy because you would be FOUR!
Well, I woke to the sound of the girls feet pattering over to your room and them singing in a whisper "Happy Birthday" so as not to wake Theresa. 
We had a "Lone Ranger" cake....because you still love horses and the shoot em up Lone Ranger!
The girls wanted the cake to be surprise.
 Happy as a clam that everyone was thinking about you!
 I have to admit I was proud of how I thought to do the cake....I just do not like the
crumbs and extras of real cake so I figured to do an ice cream was a lot better 
(its actually still in the freezer!)

 We love you Louis...
You are still the cute one that still makes us laugh and smile along with your little Toots. 

Monday, March 9, 2015

Happy Birthday Andrew Joseph

Double Digits!
It it so hard to fathom the thought that it has truly been 10 years since we were 
just awaiting your birth....the first of our little cherubs. 
You still have such a zest for life. I love watching you grab Theresa and garb her in her coat and boots and take her to the car and buckle her in,... with out me asking.
or when I overhear you tell I dont sneak anymore, lets just ask Mom....
or when you warn him as he is about to do something naughty: you better listen to Mom, you are going to get into trouble.
For you tenth birthday I told you we would have a party with we had 10 other boys over.

Theresa just had to see what was in the bags!

We love you Drew. It would not be the same around here with out you!!

Saturday, February 7, 2015

Happy Birthday to our dear Isabellie!

Isabelle you have really grown this year....inside your heart!
With receiving your first confession and preparing for your first Holy Eucharist, you have made so many efforts to be a good girl, to be kind, to make sacrifices and to look to see what you can do to help Mom with Theresa or Louis. You LOVE reading him books on your lap or getting Theresa to sleep for the babysitter when we are out, whisking her to basement so that I can make dinner or help the others with homework....the list goes on.
You are a dear girl and I have really enjoyed seeing your heart grow. 
I love you ~ Happy Birthday!

 The presents were wrapped and lined up like Christmas! 
Hannah had been wrapping all her treasures for a week prior.

The great 8!!

Monday, December 8, 2014

Happy Birthday Hannah

Oh Happy Birthday Happy Hannah!
You are getting to be such a big girl. Now in Kindergarten and loving it!
Louis and you both are excited to have Tues and Thurs still home together though.
You have such a big heart Hannah. You love to give gifts or do something secret to make someone else happy. All Advent season everyone was getting beautiful drawings and little treasures from you under their pillows....
Dad even ended up with your nativity set, (mossy stable and all!) under his pillow.
You won the prize for best advent angel this year.

Dad the apron was clearly not intended for an adult!
Don't ever stop being our Happy Hannah!
Did I really take the easy way out and just do a Lump Bumpy?! 
I am sorry Hannah!!

Monday, November 24, 2014

It's all about Toots!

ONE of her fond names tootsie, tease, teas, and hans (by Louis....random!)

These are all old 2 + months ago....but this little gal sure keeps us smiling! 
She of course gets into and onto everything. All the kids know what doors to keep closed and what chairs to keep pushed in. She will not be left out of any "party". 

 First Steps